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The biggest hesitation for software engineers to relocate to Alaska is the lack of a tech community. Change starts with us. We will create positive change by focusing on these three pillars:

  • Community. We build awareness, engage with our communities, and support efforts to make change by supporting individual software engineers and creative professionals sharing their passions.
  • Industry. Geeks in the Woods is serious about evolving the tech industry in Alaska with particular emphasis on diversity, women in technology, and sustainability.
  • Leadership. We empower all tech workers and creative professionals to consistently promote innovation and diversity to create a forward-thinking community.

We are pioneering the next frontier of Alaska - the tech frontier. If you love building and experimenting with technology in a supportive environment, are seeking a stronger sense of community, and want to be immersed in wilderness, join us in Alaska.

programmatic photography and aurora detection

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AK Dev Alliance

If you are a software engineer in Alaska, get connected into the AK Dev Alliance and help us grow the tech community here in Alaska.