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The Prominence Score

The Wefollow Prominence Score is entirely new and unlike any other personal metric on the web. It represents how established someone is in the interests they care about. To compute the score, we take each interest and look at who's listening to who and how prominent each of those listeners are. Increase your own prominence by gaining listeners — the more prominent they are themselves, the better. As you become more prominent, you'll gain more listeners faster.

This means your new Wefollow scores are remarkably more accurate than before.

Transparency Objective

Openness and objectivity are core to our product and team. We're proud of Wefollow and have nothing to hide. We want you to know exactly how we compute each score and what it means—it's your right to know and our obligation to tell you. We rely on pure math, no smoke & mirrors magic; and labels like "importance" or "influence" are not for us to determine—everyone has a reason to be noticed. Whether you're a beginner, an enthusiast or a leader, Wefollow makes you prominent to the people looking for you.

We continually work to improve The Prominence Score and want to keep you informed about any changes. Keep up with our progress by visiting our blog or follow us @wefollow

How Wefollow does it

Wefollow Prominence Scores range from 1 to 100 — the higher the score, the more prominent. Simple.

However, unlike other personal metric sites that use complicated ranking systems based off how many followers, retweets and interactions a person has (like a popularity contest), Wefollow uses an algorithm similar to PageRank.

Why PageRank? Because it takes into account not only how many people are listening to you, but how prominent those people are.

The algorithm

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When someone joins Wefollow and tells us their interests, we use data gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to objectively measure who of their followers has a high degree of prominence in the interests they indicated. For example, if you listed "design" as an interest and we noticed another Wefollower interested in design like Jeffrey Zeldman (a.k.a. "The King of Web Standards") was following you, your Prominence Score would go up.

In order to keep everyone's Prominence score meaningful, we have to keep everything relevant. Your prominence in design may be relatively low compared to the Jeffrey Zeldmans and Khoi Vinhs of the world. To account for this, we group people with similar levels of prominence together.

Turning the results into a 1-100 score

The concept we employ here is called "granularity". For every interest on Wefollow, we see a chart like the one above with a similar "exponential curve" distribution of people and their respective scores. If we based it just off this, the majority of people that fall below the median Prominence Score of 50 would look very similar even though they are different in reality.

To adjust for this, we separate the people within each interest into 12 groups—essentially making our measurements more granular and therefore more meaningful within the context of people that have similar levels of prominence as you.


Long story short, you can count on the Wefollow Prominence Score to be meaningful, objective and precise. Whether you're a leader, an enthusiast or a beginner, your score tells an accurate story about the interests you belong to.

With Wefollow, everyone can be prominent—whether you're looking for the true thought leaders, the avid enthusiasts or the ambitious beginners, Wefollow lets you easily discover them.

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